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Technology in the North

Do you feel that technology is being applied to sector specific problems within Northwestern Ontario to a level that is keeping us competative?

A recent survey in Thunder Bay identified red tape and political interfearance as a deterrant to business. Would you agree with this opinion? How can we as a technology sector build tools to reduce this perception?

Lack of Communication:

Better Communication with the troops!Is a "Lack of Communication" inhibiting economic growth in the NORTH? People seem not to know about technology and the companies that provide it.

There is a general perception that technology and innovation comes from south of the border or at least the GTA of Southern Ontario. How do we break this paradigm is a question perplexing this author. We know that folks like to work with local IT people for things like websites because it is easier to meet and talk to local folks and the budget for items like websites does not lend itself outsourcing travel costs.

This belief left unchecked will undoubtedly cause reduced sustainability in the North. I however believe that innovation comes from innovative people, and as long as there are people here there is opportunity for innovation.

Can we agree that innovation requires opportunity and the support of our existing businesses and organizations? What about Partnership? It must be very important to our economic success. As companies learn technology in partnership with resources like the hospital, the university, mines and factories, there opens the opportunity for resale of knowledge "Trade Exports".

Further I would like to suggest that "It is the responsibility of the various industry stake holders and facilitating government entities to spread this understanding of partnership in order for the North to sustain economic growth and foster Economic Groowth.

Benchmarking against Other Communities:

Thought for another day .... how are we holding against the competition ... Do we even know how we are doing in the various sectors?

Sectors like Tourism rely more and more on Advertising using the Internet. Do you think we are holding our own here?

Ross McCubbin, Editor & Website Developer



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