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With fewer and fewer people in the field of health care the challenge is in becoming more effective at delivering services to clients. The aging of the population in Canada is reaching a critical point where service will start to deteriorate rapidly if action is not forthcoming.

Information Technology is undoubtedly the solution to the problem. We can use that technology and train people to utilize Information Technology to provide a sustainable level of care if we work now for tomorrows solutions.

Steve Fonso DC is a is a highly recommended chiropractor Thunder Bay. We invite you to check out his business and the new approaches he brings to Chiropractic Care


Lifetime Wellness and Chiropractic Centre

Dr. Steven Fonso is from Thunder Bay, Ontario. He completed his Doctor Of Chiropractic degree and Bachelor of Sciences at Minnesota's Northwestern Health Science University in 2002.

Dr Fonso's decision to return to Thunder Bay was based on the quality of life that Thunder Bay has to offer and also his large family ties. He also felt there was a huge need for more doctors that have an interest in providing services beyond sick care.

Wellness is the future as more people do not want to settle for just being “not sick.” People want to be truly well, but need a leader and visionary to help guide them.


Telemedicine Systems Installation is available in Thunder Bay Ontario from Amik TechnologyAmik Technology focuses on videoconferencing solutions for health care. "We have worked with many Health Care Sites to hook them up into the Telehealth Network or to broadband Internet" claims Ross McCubbin owner of the well established local IT consulting company.

Technology, in this case Videoconferencing, helps to close the distances between patients and specialists, between educators and med students, and between community based supervisors and their peers in national centres like Toronto, Ottawa or Thunder Bay.


Let the new Sony  High Definition Videoconferencing Systems can help bring your next long distance communication to life!

Let the new Sony High Definition Videoconferencing System help bring your next long distance communication to life!



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