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Mining in North America?

It's increadible! Email about mining comes in every day. Business must be booming in the mining sector. Diamond Drill Exploration results are common place email arriving to my inbox and I assume yours.

Are they real? Is this something that I should be investing in? Is mining really that hot a sector? How do people get diamond drilling results? Why are they emailing them to Amik Technology when my business focus is to fix computers, repair networks and servers and fix websites?

core boxesI have now started to collect some of this interesting but suspicious mining news. If nothing else it make great content to draw search traffic for the purposes of advertising one real client of mine who manufactures core boxes for storage of diamond drill core samples.


Crusher Drive RebuildFairbarns Machine Shop in Thunder Bay Ontario wishes to extend an offer of service to the Mining Insustry and offers the following services to the Mining Industry:

  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Overhauling mining equipemnt and drill machinery
  • Portable welding & machining
  • Bucket rebuilds
  • Installing new wearplates
  • Cutting edges & teeth
  • CNC burning table for custom profiles, for fishplating repairs, and new profiles for replacing worn or broken parts

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