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More Choice for Phone and Data Service

IT businesses across Thunder Bay are advising customers on the costs and service options related to phone and data providers. It is nice to see options out there when it comes to data services adds Ross McCubbin owner of Amik Technology.

Quality and costs are of primary concern and consensus is that they are not as good as they could be. That leaves many computer consultants questioning why the city owned ISP is diversifying into so many new areas when they continue to fail to achieve acceptible quality in their core business of phone and Internet.

So far the best case for looking at shaw is the requirement of a second line for fax or for point of sale (POS). Sharing a phone line is business limiting for restaurants and retail stores as customers can't call in when you are using a POS System.

Conversly one area that is not well covered with a shaw based solution is line hunt groups but this should be resolved soon offering larger businesses a true second choice.

Thunder Bay Telephone vs Shaw

Compare phone service rates Shaw vs TbayTel

Businesses wanting to talk further about data connectivity options and potential cost saving solutions are invited to call Amik Technology 807-475-3196

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